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Valentine’s Day Forecasts for 2019

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! In the floral industry, we prepare for this day all year long! Forecasts are in with estimations of how this holiday will weather. Here are the predictions:

This Valentine’s season should be a busy one! Sales should be on the higher end as the economy continues to strengthen.

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This year production was ahead of schedule at the beginning of the season due to warm weather and good conditions. Now as storms such as an El Nino and other poor weather conditions, production has slowed down a bit. But supply and availability of especially roses should be plentiful out of South America this February.

Retail florists are overjoyed that Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year in 2019. Customers will have a few extra days for shopping. The extra days give shops the opportunity to allow for more foot traffic and potential sales.

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The only question that has arisen recently is if there are any residual effects from the recent government shutdown? Has any of the essential moving parts been affected? Most are predicting that the shutdown should have little or no consequence for Valentine’s Day sales but it is something to consider as many government workers were impacted. For example, the USDA was closed during this time. The wholesale floral industry relies on this agency to inspect flowers coming into this country from other nations. We really won’t know the outcome until February.

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Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we are ready for all of your Valentine’s Day needs. Get your orders in as soon as possible. Visit our New Jersey and New York locations to speak directly with a salesperson! We can even deliver flowers directly to your retail storefront with our Flowers Express service! We are happy to answer any questions that you might have!


Red Freedom Roses…A Valentine’s Day Favorite

00465A__Rose_Freedom_Red_50_Cm_gIt is no secret that the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day is the Red Freedom rose. This rose is the epitome of passion and romance with its vibrant red color. That being said, here at Main Wholesale Florist we strive to provide fabulous roses and other great products for your Valentine’s Day needs.

The Red Freedom rose is special because of where it comes from. They are grown in Ecuador and Colombia in rich volcanic soil and are shipped to us directly from the farms.

Wholesale florists sell open-cut roses to their customers. This type of production allows for the rose’s stems to be stronger and longer. It also guarantees that the blooms will open up to their maximum size and have a substantially long vase life. These roses will still have their guard petals which means that they are not “retail-ready” quite yet. When our customers purchase these beautiful flowers they will then process the roses and remove the guard petals to create amazing arrangements for their retail stores. This variety of rose typically has a full vase life of 10-14 days from the time it enters our facilities.

When this rose is purchased the best method for rehydration would be to place them in large buckets filled with cool or room temperature water. The head size for a standard 50 cm wholesale rose is approximately 2.5 inches in diameter, which is sure to make this a statement flower for your customers!

At Main Wholesale Florist, we are so very happy to make any suggestions and offer advice regarding your wholesale flowers. Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have your whole sale Red Freedom roses shipped directly to your retail location. Make sure to get your Valentine’s Day orders in sooner than later!

Don’t Fear the Valentine’s Day Rush

We all know that Valentine’s Day is the busiest and most stressful time of year for wholesale florists and retailers. This holiday is the season where people want to express their love for others by giving gorgeous flowers. Here are some tips to help manage this crazy holiday:


1. Get orders in early:

Place your Valentine’s orders sooner than later. Here’s the scenario:¬†everyone is looking for red flowers but all of a sudden red roses could become impossible to source. Wholesale florists know this problem all too well. Wholesale florists need to place their orders as far in advance as possible with their growers to ensure that there will be plenty of products in stock to satisfy the high demand. Retailers must also get their orders in with reasonable time to their wholesalers for the same exact reason. Sometimes the availability of red roses is out of the wholesale florist’s control and they will have to come up with other options to offer in its place. Have a backup plan!

2. Try to offer flowers other than the standard staples:

This seems like a no brainer as not everyone is looking for Red Freedom roses or carnations during Valentine’s. Many retail florists come to their wholesale florist looking for something unique to offer to their customers. Don’t just offer the standard red flower. Offer different varieties of flowers in pink, white, cream, lavender, and even burgundy. Many Valentine’s Day customers are searching for colorful and happy looking products to show people how much they love them.

3. The craziness only lasts for a short while:

Sure, this holiday can get busy and unpredictable. However, like most things, the stress will subside. Wholesale florists are here to make Valentine’s Day easier by offering high-quality products that anyone would love to display.

Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we are thrilled to share advice and answer questions regarding your Valentine’s Day needs. Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have your wholesale Valentine’s Day flowers shipped directly to your retail location.