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Don’t Fear the Valentine’s Day Rush

We all know that Valentine’s Day is the busiest and most stressful time of year for wholesale florists and retailers. This holiday is the season where people want to express their love for others by giving gorgeous flowers. Here are some tips to help manage this crazy holiday:


1. Get orders in early:

Place your Valentine’s orders sooner than later. Here’s the scenario:¬†everyone is looking for red flowers but all of a sudden red roses could become impossible to source. Wholesale florists know this problem all too well. Wholesale florists need to place their orders as far in advance as possible with their growers to ensure that there will be plenty of products in stock to satisfy the high demand. Retailers must also get their orders in with reasonable time to their wholesalers for the same exact reason. Sometimes the availability of red roses is out of the wholesale florist’s control and they will have to come up with other options to offer in its place. Have a backup plan!

2. Try to offer flowers other than the standard staples:

This seems like a no brainer as not everyone is looking for Red Freedom roses or carnations during Valentine’s. Many retail florists come to their wholesale florist looking for something unique to offer to their customers. Don’t just offer the standard red flower. Offer different varieties of flowers in pink, white, cream, lavender, and even burgundy. Many Valentine’s Day customers are searching for colorful and happy looking products to show people how much they love them.

3. The craziness only lasts for a short while:

Sure, this holiday can get busy and unpredictable. However, like most things, the stress will subside. Wholesale florists are here to make Valentine’s Day easier by offering high-quality products that anyone would love to display.

Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we are thrilled to share advice and answer questions regarding your Valentine’s Day needs. Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have your wholesale Valentine’s Day flowers shipped directly to your retail location.

6 Fourth of July Flowers You Need For Your Shop Arrangements

Your customers are planning 4th of July barbeque parties and events right now. They are most likely going to need patriotic arrangements for decor. When they stop by your flower shop they are expecting red, white, and blue arrangements at an affordable price point. Red and white flowers are easy to get at a variety of price points while blue flowers remain to be a little more difficult. Check out these patriotic flower options that will increase value in arrangements while keeping your costs low.

1. Gerbera Daisies: Use red and white gerbera daisies to increase the value of arrangements. Although the Gerbera Daisy is a little more expensive, they are large and will take up more space than other less expensive options. Use a few stems per arrangement to add value and texture but keep the price reasonable. The arrangement should be an average medium size which sells the best during this time.

Red Canada Gerberas

2. White Snapdragons: White snapdragons are affordable and perfect for creating your medium arrangements. An excellent selection as it is nice and hardy for your customers’ outdoor summer events. Adding blue decorative wire would be a great accent and attract the more creative customers that come into your shop. Having some more spunky designs really works for 4th of July, maybe adding some accents that resemble the colorful explosions of fire works?

White Snapdragon

3. Blue Delphinium: This is the key to your patriotic flower arrangement success. The deep blue flowers along with the inexpensive price tag is a win win for you and your customer. This affordable blue beauty can be used in a multitude of ways to create perfect red, white, and blue arrangements and decor!

Blue Delphinium

4. Alstroemeria: Red alstroemeria is bold with striking features that make it perfect for vibrant arrangements. As we all know, its affordable too. The yellow tongue brings a summer accent to this July arrangement. The depth of the yellow added to blue and white flowers with greenery will create a well rounded color balance.They are also extremely hardy for your customer’s outdoor parties!

red alstroemeria

5. White Mums. Okay so this is more of a group of flowers than one flower type. Between pompon buttons, pompon cushions, cremon mums, spider anastasia, and football mums you have a wide variety of white flowers in a variety of sizes that are extremely affordable. Mums are also more stark white that other white flowers available. The stark white flowers really are perfect for patriotic arrangements.

White Spider Anastasia

6. Large Blue Hydrangeas: Using large flowers like hydrangeas is a great idea. Although they cost more than the average flower stem you don’t have to use many to make an impact. Adding a couple large blue hydrangeas is a good idea, they are generally a crowd pleaser and if you don’t add to many it should not drive the price of the arrangement up too much!


What flowers do you like to keep in your shop for 4th of July arrangements? What makes the most money for you! Do you agree that the medium arrangement at a lower price point is what sells the most? WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!