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We Absolutely Love Lisianthus!

We absolutely love lisianthus!

We absolutely love lisianthus! These little beauties resemble a small soft rose and pairs nicely with almost anything. This wholesale flower is one of our favorites because of its versatility and uniqueness. Be sure to keep this flower in stock as it is a must have!


We absolutely love lisianthus!

They symbolize nature and appreciation. Of course there is no better way to show admiration for others with this flower! Not only does lisianthus have lovely blossoms that open quite wide but there are also buds that spray on a single stem. This provides for a very interesting look and adds depth to any floral arrangement. The arrays of color are sure to satisfy any customer. You will find them in white, pink, cream, purple, and even peach.

The longevity of wholesale lisianthus is impressive with having a vase life of 14 days from the day that they enter your retail shop! That is quite a long time and allows for your customers to enjoy them for many days. Keep this in mind and offer suggestions of comparable flowers that will last long and look great along with the lisianthus. Growers have perfected the ideal lisianthus. Their petals are thicker and can withstand harsher environments. This means that they ship very well. Also, they are less prone to succumbing to botrytis. As we all know, botrytis is another name for gray mold. When moisture is present, a breeding ground for botrytis occurs. It can be a death sentence to your flowers. Be careful because this stuff is airborne and can infect other flowers in your shop coolers.

We bet that you just can’t wait to get your hands on these sweet and precious blooms. Learn more about our Flower Express Service and you can get lisianthus shipped directly to your retail location. Be sure to get orders in soon for Mother’s Day and the Springtime season! Enjoy your wholesale lisianthus flowers!


We absolutely love lisianthus!

Don’t Fear the Valentine’s Day Rush

We all know that Valentine’s Day is the busiest and most stressful time of year for wholesale florists and retailers. This holiday is the season where people want to express their love for others by giving gorgeous flowers. Here are some tips to help manage this crazy holiday:


1. Get orders in early:

Place your Valentine’s orders sooner than later. Here’s the scenario:¬†everyone is looking for red flowers but all of a sudden red roses could become impossible to source. Wholesale florists know this problem all too well. Wholesale florists need to place their orders as far in advance as possible with their growers to ensure that there will be plenty of products in stock to satisfy the high demand. Retailers must also get their orders in with reasonable time to their wholesalers for the same exact reason. Sometimes the availability of red roses is out of the wholesale florist’s control and they will have to come up with other options to offer in its place. Have a backup plan!

2. Try to offer flowers other than the standard staples:

This seems like a no brainer as not everyone is looking for Red Freedom roses or carnations during Valentine’s. Many retail florists come to their wholesale florist looking for something unique to offer to their customers. Don’t just offer the standard red flower. Offer different varieties of flowers in pink, white, cream, lavender, and even burgundy. Many Valentine’s Day customers are searching for colorful and happy looking products to show people how much they love them.

3. The craziness only lasts for a short while:

Sure, this holiday can get busy and unpredictable. However, like most things, the stress will subside. Wholesale florists are here to make Valentine’s Day easier by offering high-quality products that anyone would love to display.

Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we are thrilled to share advice and answer questions regarding your Valentine’s Day needs. Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have your wholesale Valentine’s Day flowers shipped directly to your retail location.

Tips and Tricks for Healthy Wholesale Carnations

Carnations which are known for their incredibly long vase life, have always been a staple for Wholesale Florists to keep stock of. Their vast array of colors and textures is what draws people to this sensational and sometimes overlooked flower. Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we carry a beautiful selection of both standard and mini wholesale carnations!


However, if not treated properly after being cut these strong survivor’s vase lives can be severely compromised. Terrill Nell, Ph.D., AAF, PFCI and professor at University of Florida talks about two major ways to maximize the carnation’s vase life in SAF’s December Issue of Floral Management.

The first tip Nell states is to stock carnations that have already been pretreated with anti-ethylene products such as STS or 1-MCP. Ethylene is an odorless and colorless gas. Flowers naturally give off this gas so using an anti-ethylene product can help prevent flowers from producing it and also protect them from any further exposure. Ethylene can make wholesale carnations revert to a state of sleepiness which means that their blooms will not open fully. It is as if they have no pep and will ultimately begin to droop and die much quicker than if treated. As the wholesale Florist, it is our responsibility to provide good quality products!

Another tip that may seem like common sense but is often overlooked is the addition of flower food while rehydrating. Nell says, “Flower food will help carnations to open fully and last longer.” Sugars that are present in the food will give the carnations energy to help their stems force water up to their blooms. It will also lower the acidity levels in the water and kill any microbes. Flower foods are not only inexpensive but they are also extremely easy to use.

Follow these steps and your wholesale carnations will most certainly have a long-lasting vase life! These hardy favorites are available all year long, so stock up! Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have your wholesale carnations and other flowers shipped directly to your retail location.

Don’t Underestimate the Calla Lily

We love our Calla Lilies here at Main Wholesale Florist! This diverse flower signifies magnificent beauty and should be something that you always keep in-stock at your shop.

If you want a flower that is totally unique and one that can be used in so many different ways, then consider reviewing our selection of calla lilies offered here at Main Wholesale Florist! Joe Guggia, AIFD, loves to hang them from the ceiling and walls to create intricate displays. These spectacular flowers can retain their freshness for many hours without a water source. He also says that the stems of calla lilies are extremely flexible and can be bent in creative ways to enhance your floral designs! 

callaCalla lilies also make wonderful additions to any arrangement that your customers will fall in love with. Calla lilies can be used for all sorts of occasions such as weddings, parties, and funerals. This flower can certainly hold its own! Try suggesting an all Calla Lily bouquet to your brides or try submerging them in water-filled cylinder vases for an elegant centerpiece. This functional flower comes in an astounding array of colors and sizes. Their cylindrical shape is like no other and will certainly wow your customers! Even better, these beauties are available year-round! Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have calla lilies shipped directly to your retail location.

Petal It Forward

Main Wholesale Florist feels that it is very important to share special events that are going on through out the floral industry:

Join SAF on October 7th for their Petal It Forward Campaign. SAF will be hitting the streets of New York City to hand out two flower bouquets to unsuspecting people. The hope is that these people will present one of the bouquets or “pay it forward” to another individual. The goal is to spread happiness and to share the joy of flowers. Doing good deeds for others has always been a part of our culture. People love to make others feel special

bouquetThe main objective of this campaign is to spread the word about the positive effects that flowers can have on people. They truly help the emotional well-being of people and are calming to look at. If you receive a bouquet on October 7th, post it to Instagram using the hash tag #PetalItForward and tag SAF @About_Flowers.

Florists, be sure to stock your shops with flowers from Main Wholesale Florist because customers will be flocking in to purchase beautiful bouquets in order to spread the good. Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have orders shipped to your retail location.