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Making Substitutions, It’s Easier Than You Think

Help! What do I do if I can’t fulfill an order? Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we are often asked by retailers how to suggest substitutions to their customers. How do we do this confidently and how do we keep our customers happy? There is a simple answer to all of these questions and don’t worry, it’s an easy one!

Tim Huckabee of FloralStrategies, stresses in his article that you as the expert should not be apologetic for this inconvenience. Rather, you should suggest alternatives that are similar either by color or size. For example, if you are out of stock of red carnations you can suggest red roses to your customers. Be aware of the similarities between the original and the suggested substitution as the customer may have many questions. Also, be conscious of the price difference between the substitutions. Your customer may be willing to choose a less cost effective flower in lieu of its shape and size. Huckabee says, “Customers will typically be amendable to an alternative, as long as you are able to think quickly and offer your alternatives enthusiastically.”


If you are confident and ensure the substitution they’ve chosen is equally as desirable you are sure to make your customer happy! Find more advice here from Tim himself.

Attract Customers With The Trends

Florist’s Review shares informative, helpful articles that help florist’s attract customers in 2014. They suggest that being trend conscious is they key to producing a popular image, brand, and group of clientele.¬† One of their suggestions was to feature arrangements in the color The Pantone Color Institute has selected as inspirational in 2014.

Attract Customers wit Color Trends

Make a section in your store to feature¬† Pantone Color Institute’s inspiration! Customers feel good when they make a trendy purchase.

Here are some other ways to include attract customers with trends:

1. Customize Designs to Match Current Events: The Superbowl is right around the corner, sell floral designs in team colors, women would love to add some feminine touches to their overly masculine party! Picture below found on Celebrations.com.

Superbowl Beer Mug Flowers

2. Offer sales for non-traditional holidays like the Grammy’s, award shows, Olympics, or anytime people may have small family or friend gatherings.

3. Pay attention to the fashion trends and try to include the trendy colors in your vases or flower designs. The Pantone color institute releases colors and trends for each year and season. Use them as a guide for trendy colors and styles.

4. Social Media is an easy outlet to reach the trendy people, promote your current promotions, sales, or trendy designs to that market. People are much more inclined to visit a website with some originality rather than all traditional designs. (Although those traditional designs still appeal to people, don’t ditch them!)

What are some of things that you do at your flower shop that attract the trendy customers?