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Attract Customers With The Trends

Florist’s Review shares informative, helpful articles that help florist’s attract customers in 2014. They suggest that being trend conscious is they key to producing a popular image, brand, and group of clientele.¬† One of their suggestions was to feature arrangements in the color The Pantone Color Institute has selected as inspirational in 2014.

Attract Customers wit Color Trends

Make a section in your store to feature¬† Pantone Color Institute’s inspiration! Customers feel good when they make a trendy purchase.

Here are some other ways to include attract customers with trends:

1. Customize Designs to Match Current Events: The Superbowl is right around the corner, sell floral designs in team colors, women would love to add some feminine touches to their overly masculine party! Picture below found on Celebrations.com.

Superbowl Beer Mug Flowers

2. Offer sales for non-traditional holidays like the Grammy’s, award shows, Olympics, or anytime people may have small family or friend gatherings.

3. Pay attention to the fashion trends and try to include the trendy colors in your vases or flower designs. The Pantone color institute releases colors and trends for each year and season. Use them as a guide for trendy colors and styles.

4. Social Media is an easy outlet to reach the trendy people, promote your current promotions, sales, or trendy designs to that market. People are much more inclined to visit a website with some originality rather than all traditional designs. (Although those traditional designs still appeal to people, don’t ditch them!)

What are some of things that you do at your flower shop that attract the trendy customers?


Karin’s Florist Named “The Best in America” in 2013

Congratulations to Karin’s Florist,located in Vienna Virginia, for being named “The Best in America”. The award was announced by Steve Harvey TV on NBC! This honor, from The Neighborhood Awards recognize small local businesses like florists, restaurants, day cares , and businesses that make a direct impact on the community around them. Karin's Florist Named Best in AmericaThe support of companies like the local florist is something wonderful to witness. We hope that more of you get a shot at this type of success. To read more about how Karin’s Florist won please visit NBC Washington. Also you can watch the very special acceptance speech made by the third generation family member running her grandfather’s prized business.

Some other favorite awards were given to “The Best Principal”, “The Best School Bus Driver”, “The Best Police Officer”, and much more! To support these wonderful Neighborhood awards visit the NBC Steve Harvey TV website to watch all the footage.

Outstanding Varieties Competition – Society of American Florist Convention

The Rosa Hearts brings home the Best in Show prize from the Outstanding Varieties Competition at the 2013 Society of American Florist’s Convention.

Best in Show Flower - Grower

The competition was fierce at this year’s convention. Hosted in Arizona, the convention’s judges selected varieties that won best in class (by category). The Rosa Hearts won over all the best in class varieties. Go see some of the Society of American Florists’ prestigious flowers awarded for outstanding quality.

6 Fourth of July Flowers You Need For Your Shop Arrangements

Your customers are planning 4th of July barbeque parties and events right now. They are most likely going to need patriotic arrangements for decor. When they stop by your flower shop they are expecting red, white, and blue arrangements at an affordable price point. Red and white flowers are easy to get at a variety of price points while blue flowers remain to be a little more difficult. Check out these patriotic flower options that will increase value in arrangements while keeping your costs low.

1. Gerbera Daisies: Use red and white gerbera daisies to increase the value of arrangements. Although the Gerbera Daisy is a little more expensive, they are large and will take up more space than other less expensive options. Use a few stems per arrangement to add value and texture but keep the price reasonable. The arrangement should be an average medium size which sells the best during this time.

Red Canada Gerberas

2. White Snapdragons: White snapdragons are affordable and perfect for creating your medium arrangements. An excellent selection as it is nice and hardy for your customers’ outdoor summer events. Adding blue decorative wire would be a great accent and attract the more creative customers that come into your shop. Having some more spunky designs really works for 4th of July, maybe adding some accents that resemble the colorful explosions of fire works?

White Snapdragon

3. Blue Delphinium: This is the key to your patriotic flower arrangement success. The deep blue flowers along with the inexpensive price tag is a win win for you and your customer. This affordable blue beauty can be used in a multitude of ways to create perfect red, white, and blue arrangements and decor!

Blue Delphinium

4. Alstroemeria: Red alstroemeria is bold with striking features that make it perfect for vibrant arrangements. As we all know, its affordable too. The yellow tongue brings a summer accent to this July arrangement. The depth of the yellow added to blue and white flowers with greenery will create a well rounded color balance.They are also extremely hardy for your customer’s outdoor parties!

red alstroemeria

5. White Mums. Okay so this is more of a group of flowers than one flower type. Between pompon buttons, pompon cushions, cremon mums, spider anastasia, and football mums you have a wide variety of white flowers in a variety of sizes that are extremely affordable. Mums are also more stark white that other white flowers available. The stark white flowers really are perfect for patriotic arrangements.

White Spider Anastasia

6. Large Blue Hydrangeas: Using large flowers like hydrangeas is a great idea. Although they cost more than the average flower stem you don’t have to use many to make an impact. Adding a couple large blue hydrangeas is a good idea, they are generally a crowd pleaser and if you don’t add to many it should not drive the price of the arrangement up too much!


What flowers do you like to keep in your shop for 4th of July arrangements? What makes the most money for you! Do you agree that the medium arrangement at a lower price point is what sells the most? WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!


5 Summer Flowers That Are a Must-Have In Your Cooler

The summer season offers an incredible selection of outstanding quality summer flowers. They are more cost efficient, of high quality, and make the most beautiful summer arrangements for your flower shop. So we did some research, asked around, and came up with a list of flowers that you must have in your cooler as a florist. Check the tips under each flower to find out how to get your customers coming back, retaining customers, and thinking about price points.

1. Iris

Purple Iris

Beautiful saturated purples are a florist’s dream! Plenty of color to make bright, happy, and eye attracting for the customers that walk through your door!

2. Sunflowers

Yellow Sunflower

People want to put flowers in their home that remind them of summer. The punchy, saturated yellow flower is the perfect accent for a kitchen or dinner table. Getting customers to regularly purchase bouquets for their home during the summer is a great way to create consistent business and a loyal customer base. Summer is also a time when many people hold gatherings in their homes, word of mouth spreads when beautiful bright flowers get brought up in conversation, “Wow those flowers are beautiful, where did you get them?”. Sunflowers are the perfect wow factor for all your customer’s summer floral needs.

3. Bright Gerbera Daisies

Hot Pink Canada GerberasBright colored Gerbera Daisies are an excellent addition to summer bouquets. Although most are imported from Canada they affordable because their large size makes it easier to only use a couple per arrangement. Summer is a time for the “no reason” gift bouquets. Husbands and family members are reminded of nature in the summer and bring home flowers for their wives and family. This bright pink gerbera daisy is the perfect flower to make a casual bouquet a little more formal.

4. Spray Roses

Orange Spray Roses
Spray Roses add a fluffy texture to the wildflower summer look. They are affordable and perfect for making the lower priced arrangements that will be purchased by every day customers looking to decorate the home. SAF Magazine recently made the point that it is really important to have low priced arrangements available as well as your higher ticket arrangements. This provides customers with a range of options that will make you more money in the end, as SAF says, don’t get greedy!

5. Billy Balls/ Crespedia

Billy Balls

It can be hard having arrangements available that will fit everyone’s taste. With billy balls you can hit the trendy customers that want something a little bit different. When customers see these in an arrangement in the floral cooler they are drawn to the hard texture and interesting new look. Include a couple in some of your summer mixes to see a great reaction from customers! They are hardy and long lasting so the will hold well in arrangements, also making your customers very happy!

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