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Visit The World Floral Expo 2019

fourth annual World Floral Expo

2019 is right around the corner which means it is a great time to begin planning for the year ahead! A great place to start is to register and attend the fourth annual World Floral Expo. This is a great event for anyone in the floral industry, both wholesale and retail. Learn more about the expo below!

Where is this event?

This year the expo will take place in Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Market Center.

When will this event take place?

The event takes place March 20th through the 22nd of 2019.

What can be expected if you attend?

This convention designed specifically for individuals within the industry will showcase many innovations and new products available within the field. Meet with industry leaders from growers, to wholesalers, to retail shop owners. You will also be able to meet directly with representatives from growers located outside of the country. See the products they offer directly in person! Not only convenient but a great money saver in the long run as you won’t have to travel to the farms as a result.

fourth annual World Floral Expo

There will be presentations and demonstrations where you can learn about new varieties and products that will be available to the market this coming year!

Have we interested you yet? You can register by clicking here!

fourth annual World Floral Expo

If you go to one event this year, this is the one to pick! If you plan to attend let us know why you want to be a part of this amazing event! Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we love sourcing the newest and freshest products to bring directly to our customers! Come visit either our New Jersey or New York locations to see us in action! We can also deliver directly to your retail storefront with our Flowers Express program. Do not miss out!

Flowers To Wear for Prom

prom season quickly approaching

With prom season quickly approaching, it is a smart idea to keep stock of flowers that are trending in your retail shop. Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we want to make sure that our customers are geared up for this spring season!

Here are some flowers that are totally wearable and amazing for any prom design:

Mini Carnations

Mini carnations are light weight and delicate. They’re fluffy petals would be amazing to pair with other wholesale blooms when building corsages.

Hypericum Berries

Hypericum has rounded berries that when paired as a secondary flower or filler adds a wonderful whimsical feel to any design.


Freesia adds that tropical element without breaking the bank for your customers. They are elegant and come in a variety of beautiful colors.


Also known as Eryngium, this amazing filler will add a unique texture that young prom attendees will die for!

Monte Casino Asters

Monte casino asters having tiny blooms that would lay nicely on a small wrist, perfect for the young wearer.

Be sure to suggest these wholesale flowers to your customers. As the retail owner, you are the expert and can guide a sale to completion. Create samples of your designs to keep in your floral cooler to entice parents and young adults to purchase. Also, be sure to advertise not only on your social media accounts but also through local high schools in the area. People are sure to flock to your shop to purchase designs with proper advertisement and marketing.

You can visit our New Jersey and New York locations to see the highest quality wholesale florals. We can help make suggestions and help to answer any questions that you might have. You can also have the flowers delivered directly to your retail location using our Flower Express Service!

Tell us how you will be celebrating this spring prom season!

Totally Texture Spotlight: Celosia

Totally Texture Spotlight: Celosia

Texture is an important element of floral design. As the retail florist, you will want to keep stock of flowers that come in all shapes and sizes. Texture can many times be a huge selling point to your customers. There are a vast amount of wholesale flowers that will give gorgeous texture or value to any arrangement. Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we want to help you select the best quality products for your shop.

Totally Texture Spotlight: Celosia

Currently, one of our favorite textural flowers is celosia. Nicknamed Wolf Flower, this trendy wholesale flower looks great in almost any design! It especially looks wonderful in fall themed arrangements. This flower provides divergence from your typical designs with its unique shape and wildflower appearance. Its velvety texture is sure to attract customers as seen in its coxcomb variety.

Besides its distinctive look, celosia has also proven to be a versatile and long lasting flower with a vase life of up to fourteen days. Be sure to pair this flowers with poppies, hydrangeas, dusty miller, lilies, and roses to name a few. Celosia also can be dried out and then misted with floral color spray to enhance its vibrancy. Use their dried stems to create beautiful permanent arrangements that your customers will swoon over.

Come and visit us at our New York and New Jersey locations and see what is available in our coolers! Our inventory of fresh flowers changes daily! We also provide the convenience of delivering items directly to your retail location using our Flower Express Service. You might see these flowers available in orange, yellow, red and even pink! Your customer will thank you, trust us!

Have you ever used Celosia in your designs? Share your creations with us and offer some helpful tips on our Facebook page. We look forward to it!

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist was proud to participate in the September 21, 2016 Teleflora Event & Wedding Design show that took place in North Haven, Connecticut.

The flower design workshops are hosted by Teleflora around the US for members of its florist network. It offers members the opportunity to learn about trends in floral design, the floral design industry, and to participate in design workshops. John Hosek, AIFD, the owner of Surroundings Events and Florals in Verona, NJ, led the event. It was a great day of learning and enjoying each workshop offered!

Main Wholesale Florists displayed some of the premier flowers and greens it offers to florists throughout the New Jersey and New York area. Have you ever attended an event hosted by Teleflora? Let us know what you thought!

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Making Substitutions, It’s Easier Than You Think

Help! What do I do if I can’t fulfill an order? Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we are often asked by retailers how to suggest substitutions to their customers. How do we do this confidently and how do we keep our customers happy? There is a simple answer to all of these questions and don’t worry, it’s an easy one!

Tim Huckabee of FloralStrategies, stresses in his article that you as the expert should not be apologetic for this inconvenience. Rather, you should suggest alternatives that are similar either by color or size. For example, if you are out of stock of red carnations you can suggest red roses to your customers. Be aware of the similarities between the original and the suggested substitution as the customer may have many questions. Also, be conscious of the price difference between the substitutions. Your customer may be willing to choose a less cost effective flower in lieu of its shape and size. Huckabee says, “Customers will typically be amendable to an alternative, as long as you are able to think quickly and offer your alternatives enthusiastically.”


If you are confident and ensure the substitution they’ve chosen is equally as desirable you are sure to make your customer happy! Find more advice here from Tim himself.