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Weathering The Foliage Storm

Lately, we have seen shortages of certain greens and foliage among the wholesale floral industry. Many florists are struggling to get ahold from their wholesaler some of their highest selling inventory such as silver dollar eucalyptus, coffee foliage, and so many more. Why is this happening and should we be concerned?

silver dollar eucalyptus, coffee foliage

Hurricane season started full swing this June and many people are trying to get ahead of the game to avoid shortages for next year. This past year, with constant natural disaster hits, the foliage industry saw a 60 to 70 percent shortage. Many of these shortages included leather leaf, a staple among floral designers. The shade enclosures designed to protect the plants while growing were destroyed in these storms, which resulted in the loss of many crops. Many of these shade structures were old and could not withstand the powerful force of hurricanes. Many structures have since been rebuilt and new measures have been put into place to lessen the impact of future storms. High winds also uprooted many plants, destroyed the viability of young foliage, as well as break heavy branches.

As the industry is struggling to source foliage the price has gone up drastically as well. But experts project this increase to be only temporary. Prices should balance out as supply becomes more steadily available. In the meantime, there are many greens that are available and can be offered as comparable substitutions for arrangements.

silver dollar eucalyptus, coffee foliage

Did your retail shop deal with any problems resulting in foliage shortages? Did this negatively affect your business or were you able to work around these challenges? We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions pertaining to fresh cut greens visit both our New Jersey and New York locations. You can also have flowers delivered directly to your retail location with our Flowers Express program. We can’t wait to see you!

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist was proud to participate in the September 21, 2016 Teleflora Event & Wedding Design show that took place in North Haven, Connecticut.

The flower design workshops are hosted by Teleflora around the US for members of its florist network. It offers members the opportunity to learn about trends in floral design, the floral design industry, and to participate in design workshops. John Hosek, AIFD, the owner of Surroundings Events and Florals in Verona, NJ, led the event. It was a great day of learning and enjoying each workshop offered!

Main Wholesale Florists displayed some of the premier flowers and greens it offers to florists throughout the New Jersey and New York area. Have you ever attended an event hosted by Teleflora? Let us know what you thought!

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Main Wholesale Florist at the Teleflora Event & Wedding Design Show

Why you should attend the SAF Annual Convention

SAF Annual Convention 2015

SAF Annual Convention
September 9th-12th, 2015

Each year the Society of America Florists holds a big conference, and this year their 131st Annual Convention will be taking place in Amelia Island, FL! This is when all areas of the floral industry gather together to learn, network, compete, celebrate, and so much more. So let us give you a little more detail on why you should join in on this great opportunity!

1. Learn
There will be almost 50 speakers! All experts and all there to give you the best tips, tricks, and trends in the field. Some of these experts that will be speaking at the SAF Annual Convention include:

-Loren Hudziak and Ben Polk, Google

-Alexandra Valentin, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

-Daniel Levine, WikiTrend.org/Avant-Guide Institute

2. Network
This convention will give you a huge amount of networking opportunities. Connect with people, businesses, and vendors from all over! Check out who’s exhibiting at the SAF Supplier Expo!

3. Compete
There are a few fun competitions you can participate in! There is the 25th Annual SAFPAC Golf Tournament- open to all skill levels. This tournament will be raising money for the floral industry’s political action committee. There is also the 48th Annual Sylvia Cup Design Competition. “Watch as up to 25 of the nation’s best floral designers are given the same flowers, foliage and supplies — and just two hours to create the surprise challenge. During the last hour, the competition’s commentators and coordinators — decked out in themed costumes — talk about the featured products and challenge. The winner receives the Sylvia Cup trophy, $3,000 and a complimentary registration to SAF Maui 2016, SAF’s 132nd Annual Convention. First Runner-Up wins $500; Second Runner-Up gets $250. Winners will be announced at the Stars of the Industry Awards Dinner.”

4. Celebrate
Enjoy and be inspired at the opportunity to celebrate with those receiving honors and awards! Spend 4 days with hundreds of the top leaders in the floral industry and learn from them as they learn from you too!


Register today!

Do You Need a Florist Affiliate Program for Your Flower Shop?

As we all know, it’s tough to create a successful business all on your own. A florist affiliate program is a great to add to your main product offering and receive a boost in business. An affiliate can boost sales, increase product offerings, make you a commission, expand your potential market, assist in advertising, and help track sales.

One of our favorite Florist forums gives some really powerful advice and tips for choosing the correct affiliate program. Although it’s a business booster you need to do your research before signing a contract or partnering.

Here are some of the top affiliate programs out there. Read them through and put them up to the test of the Flower Chat’s Top Tips for Choosing an Excellent Affiliate Program.

1. FTD Affiliate Program FTD Affiliate Program

2. Teleflora Affiliate Program

3. FromYouFlowers.com

From You flowers

Are you an experienced florist who uses affiliate programs? Which one is the best? Why?

Attract Customers With The Trends

Florist’s Review shares informative, helpful articles that help florist’s attract customers in 2014. They suggest that being trend conscious is they key to producing a popular image, brand, and group of clientele.  One of their suggestions was to feature arrangements in the color The Pantone Color Institute has selected as inspirational in 2014.

Attract Customers wit Color Trends

Make a section in your store to feature  Pantone Color Institute’s inspiration! Customers feel good when they make a trendy purchase.

Here are some other ways to include attract customers with trends:

1. Customize Designs to Match Current Events: The Superbowl is right around the corner, sell floral designs in team colors, women would love to add some feminine touches to their overly masculine party! Picture below found on Celebrations.com.

Superbowl Beer Mug Flowers

2. Offer sales for non-traditional holidays like the Grammy’s, award shows, Olympics, or anytime people may have small family or friend gatherings.

3. Pay attention to the fashion trends and try to include the trendy colors in your vases or flower designs. The Pantone color institute releases colors and trends for each year and season. Use them as a guide for trendy colors and styles.

4. Social Media is an easy outlet to reach the trendy people, promote your current promotions, sales, or trendy designs to that market. People are much more inclined to visit a website with some originality rather than all traditional designs. (Although those traditional designs still appeal to people, don’t ditch them!)

What are some of things that you do at your flower shop that attract the trendy customers?