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Tips and Tricks for Healthy Wholesale Carnations

Carnations which are known for their incredibly long vase life, have always been a staple for Wholesale Florists to keep stock of. Their vast array of colors and textures is what draws people to this sensational and sometimes overlooked flower. Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we carry a beautiful selection of both standard and mini wholesale carnations!


However, if not treated properly after being cut these strong survivor’s vase lives can be severely compromised. Terrill Nell, Ph.D., AAF, PFCI and professor at University of Florida talks about two major ways to maximize the carnation’s vase life in SAF’s December Issue of Floral Management.

The first tip Nell states is to stock carnations that have already been pretreated with anti-ethylene products such as STS or 1-MCP. Ethylene is an odorless and colorless gas. Flowers naturally give off this gas so using an anti-ethylene product can help prevent flowers from producing it and also protect them from any further exposure. Ethylene can make wholesale carnations revert to a state of sleepiness which means that their blooms will not open fully. It is as if they have no pep and will ultimately begin to droop and die much quicker than if treated. As the wholesale Florist, it is our responsibility to provide good quality products!

Another tip that may seem like common sense but is often overlooked is the addition of flower food while rehydrating. Nell says, “Flower food will help carnations to open fully and last longer.” Sugars that are present in the food will give the carnations energy to help their stems force water up to their blooms. It will also lower the acidity levels in the water and kill any microbes. Flower foods are not only inexpensive but they are also extremely easy to use.

Follow these steps and your wholesale carnations will most certainly have a long-lasting vase life! These hardy favorites are available all year long, so stock up! Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have your wholesale carnations and other flowers shipped directly to your retail location.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due


Wholesale Florists will hear this statement over and over. “Please give me credit!” A statement such as this won’t be music to anyone’s ears. In fact, it will be like listening to your least favorite song. This means that the customer is not satisfied with the product provided. Nobody likes credits but it is an unavoidable part of selling natural products.

Gay Smith of Chrysal USA tells us in SAF’s Floral Management about various reason why people may ask for credits.

1. Mechanical Damage: This can stem from the shipping process. Sometimes, a delivery driver might be too harsh on the packages of flowers or they may leave a package outside in adverse weather for too long.

2. Bud and leaf abscission: The detachment of leaves and buds is mostly caused by ethylene gas being present. This is an odorless and colorless gas that can be a death sentence to our flowers. If flowers are exposed, symptoms can be petals that shrivel and break off to the to the touch, yellowing foliage, and waning vase lives.

3. Black foliage or brown flower buds: Sometimes flowers may arrive from far locations with an infestation of insects. In this instance, the flowers may be placed in fumigation. Upon arrival, the flowers can have black foliage and brown flower buds as a result.

4. Botrytis: Another name for gray mold. When moisture is present a breeding ground for botrytis occurs. The plant’s petals and stems can become watery looking and transparent. Be careful because this stuff is airborne and can infect other plants in your coolers.

5. Dark outer petals: In regions where ultraviolet rays are stronger, dark outer petals can appear. This specifically occurs in roses. Many people prefer to remove these outer guard petals because they are too dark. Fortunately, the darkness of the petals does not affect the vase life.

Wholesale Florists should be aware of these causes and be able to offer an appropriate credit or replacement flowers. Contact your sales representative immediately if seeking credit. Return products as requested. Here at Main Wholesale Florist we strive to make our customers happy. When our products do not satisfy the needs of our customers, it is our goal to rectify any issues.