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Attract Customers With The Trends

Florist’s Review shares informative, helpful articles that help florist’s attract customers in 2014. They suggest that being trend conscious is they key to producing a popular image, brand, and group of clientele.¬† One of their suggestions was to feature arrangements in the color The Pantone Color Institute has selected as inspirational in 2014.

Attract Customers wit Color Trends

Make a section in your store to feature¬† Pantone Color Institute’s inspiration! Customers feel good when they make a trendy purchase.

Here are some other ways to include attract customers with trends:

1. Customize Designs to Match Current Events: The Superbowl is right around the corner, sell floral designs in team colors, women would love to add some feminine touches to their overly masculine party! Picture below found on

Superbowl Beer Mug Flowers

2. Offer sales for non-traditional holidays like the Grammy’s, award shows, Olympics, or anytime people may have small family or friend gatherings.

3. Pay attention to the fashion trends and try to include the trendy colors in your vases or flower designs. The Pantone color institute releases colors and trends for each year and season. Use them as a guide for trendy colors and styles.

4. Social Media is an easy outlet to reach the trendy people, promote your current promotions, sales, or trendy designs to that market. People are much more inclined to visit a website with some originality rather than all traditional designs. (Although those traditional designs still appeal to people, don’t ditch them!)

What are some of things that you do at your flower shop that attract the trendy customers?


Flower Food Packets or No Flower Food Packets?

It’s become quite the debate! Large online resource for Florists, Florist 2.0 (previously known as flower chat), hosts large floral industry forums. A passionate topic came up that attracted quite the attention! Now we want to let you decided for yourself, continue the conversation.

Do you think you should include 1-3 flower food packets per floral purchase? To really get educated on a bunch of different point of views, you should check out the conversation on Florist 2.0. These opinions shed light on why some florists give out flower food and how that works for them. Then there is the opposite side of the spectrum, some florist believe that the flower food does not elongate the vase life of the flowers and they are too costly.

Flower Food

There are a number of experiments online that support the fact that flower food really does increase the vase life of flowers. Some research concludes that at home remedies do not work like professional flower food. What has your experience been?

Please comment and tell us what your experience as a florist has been!




Main Wholesale Florist Offers Plants Too!

Main Wholesale Florist does not just offer beautiful wholesale flowers. We also offer potted plants, potted bulbs, and much more. We are happy to be major suppliers to florist’s all over New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our two locations have provided us with a wide reach for local deliveries to local florists but also a high end store shopping experience. Both locations feature open flower market style shopping for florist and tax I.D. holders.

Also, we have started to over overnight  wholesale flower orders to florists all over the United States. Our Flowers Express service ships fresh flowers and supplies to florists who do not have a wholesaler close enough for local deliveries. Although that service cannot provide plants, fresh flowers and supplies are readily available for overnight shipment to anyone with a tax I.D. all anywhere in the U.S.

Take a look at some of the popular plant/ bulb products we are offering!

Main Wholesale Florist Potted Plants