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Society of American Florist CSI Flower Shop

The Society of American Florists is helping retail florists with customer service techniques for Mother’s Day. They go undercover calling flower shops, recording the results, and critiquing the calls. Listen to real calls and learn what to do and what not to do when getting an order over the phone. Check out this info-graphic for some more information.


This Mother’s Day prepare your sales team to take orders over the phone.¬† Society of American Florists has wonderful resources to keep up with floral industry news, tips, and techniques. If you don’t already have an account sign up for one today!

Consumer Report: Florist Sales Up Valentine’s Day 2013

According to the April 2013 issue of Floral Management Magazine, this year’s consumer reports show a marked increase in florist sales for Valentine’s Day 2013. Statistics show that ” Seven out of 10 florists reported sales gains from a year ago…(and) the good news is that more customers are choosing traditional florists.”¬†This chart below shows the drastic increase of consumers buying at their retail florists this Valentine’s day in comparison to getting flowers from supermarkets, online, street vendors and more!

Wher did consumers purchase for V-day

This chart also reflects a decrease in supermarket sales at the same time as a major increase in retail florist sales. In addition there were some statics released about what exact products where being sold. Not much to our surprise, red rose sales were phenomenal. They reached a record in comparison to the past 7 years!

What did Consumers Purchase V-day

Although mixed flower sales went up from last year the most popular arrangements included red roses. This sales analysis leads us to be believe it will also be a great mother’s day for retail florists! Return visits from satisfied customers from Valentine’s Day will spill into Mother’s Day purchases.

What do you think the most purchased this upcoming Mother’s Day? We think it will be pink rose arrangements! Get the conversation going so we can all anticipate the most popular products this season, we want to hear your thoughts.