Flower Spotlight: Carnations

For this month’s flower spotlight, we’d like to give credit where credit is due to an unsung hero of the floral industry, carnations. They get a bad rap and are always being passed over but we think they deserve better! We have a few reasons why we think Carnations deserve a comeback!

  1. Affordability. You can’t beat their affordability. There aren’t many other flowers that can boast such a wonderful price point. When making a larger centerpiece, carnations and their low price point can be very handy as a filler. Mini carnations also make a wonderful filler flower and at such an inexpensive cost.
  • Color. Besides roses, carnations offer one of the largest arrays of colors in the industry. The increasingly popular burgundy and peach carnations have become a staple in many shops giving an illusion of a small peony. Here at main we also offer moon carnations in stunning shades of purple. Everything from lavender to deep, dark, almost black. These come at a slightly higher price point but are still much more affordable than many of their counterparts.
  • Versatility. The carnation has long been used in many different styles of arrangements and events. We have seen it in its heyday being used in black-tie soirees along side roses, lisianthus and spray roses. It also lends itself to a rustic, wildflower feel in many of the shades it comes in. The burgundy, orange and yellow are perfect for a fall themed arrangement. White and red make a beautiful winter time bouquet. Spring and summer boast beautiful pinks, peach, lavender, and the soft green.

Carnations have so many wonderful qualities and personally we would love to see them get more recognition and use! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we know they will getting lots of love!

Holiday Flowers

As the wedding season comes to a close, we open a new chapter on the holidays! When it comes to flowers for the holidays, we love all the traditional blooms and a few out of the box ideas! We are sharing them here..

  • Red roses – You can’t have a holiday arrangement without the staple freedom red rose! We absolutely love their striking shade mixed with deep, dark greens.
  • Amaryllis – Another favorite among the holiday arrangements, Amaryllis comes in both red and white. White makes a stunning addition to an arrangement with freedom red roses.
  • Hypericum Berries – Any kind of berry just screams winter especially white or red! It really gives an arrangement some texture too.
  • Greens – Most greens can be used to give a winter feel to any arrangement. Tree fern, leather leaf, eucalyptus, and myrtle are also wonderful greens to use in a winter arrangement.
  • Alstroemeria – Often looked over, alstroemeria adds something different to your floral design. It is a versatile flower and comes in so many beautiful colors. The white is perfect for an all-white Christmas arrangement.

All of these beautiful blooms are perfect for a holiday arrangement! Mix them together or let them shine alone either way, you can’t go wrong using these to make something lovely for the holiday season. There no better way to get in the holiday spirit than with these festive blooms. People love to bring flower arrangements to holiday cocktail parties and family gatherings alike.

Fall Favorites!

With the cool, crisp weather approaching, we have so many beautiful blooms to look forward to! Here is a look at some of our favorites for the autumn season..


We just love a bronze chrysanthemum! They can be arranged on their own in multiple colors or as a pop of fall to any arrangement. Brides love the bronze colors for fall as well! We have seen so many beautiful weddings incorporate either bronze or red rover mums. Red rover mums make an adorable boutonniere! Weather you are using them for an everyday arrangement or a wedding, you can’t go wrong with chrysanthemums for fall!


Cattail is another fall favorite! With its height and rustic, fall vibe, you can add it to pretty much any autumn themed floral design for a win. Cattails have long been used in medicinal ways as well as it’s seasonal aesthetic. It looks great paired with some tall green grasses to give the illusion it is in nature.


A fun fact about coxcomb is that it is named for its resemblance to a rooster’s head! We love the bright and beautiful colors coxcomb comes in. From the reddish hot pink to the burnt and bright orange we think adds a pop of color to any seasonal arrangement! Try pairing it with hydrangeas for a unique arrangement!


This thistle-like flower works perfectly as a whimsical filler flower for the fall. It’s punchy orange and yellow hue combined with its spikey texture bring some fun to your chrysanthemums, greens and roses. Safflower oil has health benefits as well!

Check out all of our seasonal beauties today by stopping in! We get a wonderful selection of fall favorites in daily!

Petal it Forward 2019

SAF’s annual nation-wide petal it forward event will take place on Wednesday, October 23, 2019. It’s a wonderful event that we always encourage all our customers to take part in.

What is Petal it forward?

 Petal it forward is a day where local florists can hand out beautiful bouquets to worthy recipients. It is an event to raise awareness of the joy of flowers as well as a way to gain potential new customers. We think this a lovely way to gain new customers, flowers are always a wonderful surprise especially when unsuspected! Petal it forward often makes local news headlines as well as people’s day!

How can you participate?

The best part of petal it forward is that you choose how much you’d like to participate. You can make the event as big or small as you’d like. Whether you are handing out a few stems of flowers, or a bunch of beautiful bouquets, the point of petal it forward is to spread awareness of the wonderful effects flowers can bring to people so even making one person’s day will make it all worth it! SAF has a sign-up sheet on their website that you can find more information and list your flower shop as a participating shop.

Why petal it forward?

We all know how much flowers mean to us, since we are in the business however, it is always nice to remind people of the importance of flowers. We are a wonderful industry and most local shops could always use their community support; this is a way to show how we can support our community! The event is also fun and exciting for your employees! If you choose to participate, you can give your employees the task of finding unsuspecting recipients for the flowers and everyone enjoys bringing a smile to someone’s face!

We do hope you will take part in this wonderful event and be sure to share the fun on your social media!

Sunflower Season!

The end of summer into early fall boasts the most beautiful sunflowers of the season. As we approach that season, here is an inside look at all things sunflower!

Sunflowers are native to the U.S. and due to that, a large portion of the sunflowers we sell here at Main Wholesale Florist at this time of year are from local growers. They vary in size and shape but the stems can be up to a whopping 30”! The flower heads themselves range from about 3”-5”. They are usually all yellow or have the traditional brown center that people love so much. They symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity which make them wonderful for a wide array of occasions.

Sunflowers are also hardy which makes them a great selection. They can last up to a week which customers always love. They are also perfect for a summer or autumn wildflower wedding. These make great accompaniments to other seasonal, local favorites such as gomphrena, and celosia. Try pairing them with bright colors such as purple or hot pink!

Sunflowers are celebrated especially around harvest season as they have been for centuries. We love a good sunflower arrangement for fall! Whether you love sunflowers because of their bright, bold color’s or because they symbolize the start of autumn and harvest season, one thing is for sure, you’re not alone in that! Everyone loves sunflowers and with their versatility, it’s not hard to see why.

Shop wholesale sunflowers from Main Wholesale Florist and be sure to check out our flowers express program so you can have beautiful sunflowers shipped directly to you!