California Grown Flower Month

California Grown Flowers Month

June is California Grown Flowers Month! Let’s celebrate this region where many of our favorite wholesale blooms are grown and cultivated! This is the time of year to identify and honor those who work very hard to farm and provide the best quality product possible for wholesale florist just like us! This includes those who plant the seeds, harvest the flowers, and ship them. We want to thank those who help along each step of the process! Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we are very proud to sell flowers directly to our customers that were grown right in Californian soil.

The California Association of Flower Growers & Shippers is the premiere flower shipping and trading operation serving 45 states including New Jersey and New York. The association prides themselves on introducing fresh cut flowers to the US market. They also love participating with younger generations in the hope of sharing and spreading their love of flowers. Click here to learn much more!

So, how can we show our thanks this June? Step one is to continue supporting Californian growers! Step two is to let others know what and why we are acknowledging these individuals. Have you purchased California grown wholesale flowers recently? Do you wish to spread the word as much as we do? Post photos to your business’ various social media platforms by using the hashtags #CAGrown and #OriginMatters. Tell us why you are appreciative. We can’t wait to see!

Please visit our New York and New Jersey locations to see us in action! Check out our awesome selection of fresh cut wholesale domestic flowers! We are always happy to help and answer any questions that you might have! Stock your retail shops with the highest quality merchandise! Don’t forget to tell us what you love most about Californian grown flowers!

Get Through The Mother’s Day Rush

busiest time of year

We all know that Mother’s Day is pretty much the busiest time of year for wholesale and retail florists. We prepare and anticipate all year for this rush. However, the fact that flowers are a natural product always gives room for problems to arise. Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we want to help you be prepared for this holiday as well as to offer some tips for improved sales.

Follow these important steps:

Be sure to keep your shop stocked for same day orders

Many people wait until the day of to purchase flowers for their mothers. If your retail shop is open on Mother’s Day keep a wide array of flowers available to ensure that each customer leaves happy.

Think of creative ways to get customers in your retail shop

Post on your social media accounts telling people about the services you are offering for this year’s holiday. Display eye-catching designs showing what you can do in your storefront windows to draw potential customers in!

Stop by your local wholesale florist to find the freshest seasonal flowers

Rather than having your flowers delivered to your retail location, stop by your local wholesaler to see what they are carrying. You might be surprised what you will find in their cooler! They may offer a larger selection in person. Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we love when our customers stop in! We are always happy to make suggestions when it comes to selecting flowers for your Mother’s Day arrangements.

Be sure to offer other items besides roses and carnations

We all know that roses and carnations are more expensive during Mother’s Day. Your customer’s wallets will not be happy. For those customers that wish to save money, offer non-traditional floral options.

Use these tips and tricks to help make the most out of this holiday for your retail shop! Stop by our New Jersey and New York locations to see the great selection that we offer before it is too late! Have your flowers delivered directly to your retail location using our Flowers Express service!

Tell us how you plan on making this year the best Mother’s Day yet!

Wholesale Greenery Flowers

Have you noticed any changes in the types of flowers your customers seek for their floral designs? Perhaps you’ve seen an uptake in sales for a particular color or type of flower. Pantone, a leader in the design industry annually introduces a color of the year. These selections help to dictate consumer choice as well as sales. That being said, the wholesale flower industry is not one to ignore trends!

Check Out Our Cooler

The 2017 color of is called greenery, a bright-toned green, reminiscent of nature and life. This is not a deep green that is often seen in foliage. Instead, this is an eye-catching neon green. As the retail florist, you should keep this popular shade readily available in your shop. Here are some great greenery wholesale flowers that you can find at Main Wholesale Florist that will sure make your customers green with envy:

  • Spider Anastasia Green
  • Bupleurum
  • Amaranthus Hanging Green
  • Green Tea Roses
  • Kale Green

To encourage your customers to select flowers within this color family follow a few simple steps:

  1. Create beautiful arrangements to display in your cooler as well as in your storefront.
  2. Be ready to answer the question of what colors coordinate with these flowers? Some options are purple, white, yellow, and cream for example.
  3. Advertise on your social media accounts and send out email blasts to spread awareness regarding Pantone’s 2017 color palette.
  4. Visit your local wholesale florist to see the newest varieties available.


Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we are happy to answer any questions that you might have! We are your source for the freshest wholesale flowers. Visit our New Jersey and New York locations to see in person what beautiful greenery flowers and foliage that we currently carry. You can also have your flowers delivered directly to your retail location using our Flower Express Service.

Say Goodbye to Botrytis Forever

Prevent Botrytis: A Silent Killer for Flowers

Botrytis is deemed as one of the most destructive elements associated with wholesale flowers. What is botrytis and why is it so harmful? It is bacteria that sharply reduces the vase life of many flowers. You might notice dark brown spots appear on petals or the softening of stems. These infections can lead to a loss in business and hard-ache for customers.

Say Goodbye to Botrytis

How can we help to reduce botrytis from endangering our wholesale flowers? Here at Main Wholesale Florist we want to help educate our customers on this topic. Follow these simple steps to help manage and reduce outbreaks:

Have the ability to identify botrytis

First, you must know the physical characteristics and signs that your flowers might have been infected. You will first see small dots or staining on its petals and leaves. If the stems look limp or the petals lose their vibrancy, your flowers might be affected. Be quick to notice botrytis and respond because once it hits, the illness will spread fast. Take extra care of botrytis-prone flowers such as delphinium and snapdragons

Inspect Flowers and clean work areas

As a retail florist, you will have a trained eye when it comes to selecting great flowers for your shop. Look over each stem carefully before hydrating your flowers and make sure the water is clean. Wash your hands as you can transmit botrytis by touch as well. The bacteria can hide in foliage. Remove any leaves that seem to be compromised. Be sure to keep your work spaces clean and sanitize all buckets thoroughly to minimize transmission.

Remove all plastic and other packaging

The presence of moisture and condensation creates a breeding ground for botrytis. When plastic sleeves are kept on bunches of flowers, air cannot flow and humidity begins to build creating the perfect environment for any bacteria to thrive.
Say Goodbye to Botrytis

We hope that this helps in the pursuit to provide the freshest and highest quality wholesale flowers to customers as possible. If you have any other helpful tips connect with us on our Facebook page. You can also visit us at our New Jersey and New York locations. Flowers can be delivered directly to your retail location using our Flower Express program.

Promote Thanksgiving Sales

Helpful Hints to Improve Thanksgiving Holiday Sales

Over the years the wholesale flower industry has noticed decreases in Thanksgiving sales. Most people chalk it up to the economy and the fact that people are more cautious with spending their hard-earned money. There are so many amazing fall toned flowers that your customers are missing out on because of this. How can it be improved? The key is to promote Thanksgiving sales.

Take these steps to enhance your Thanksgiving sales:


Advertise for the holiday:

Put large posters in your store front window that tells customers about what you have to offer this season. Make it bright with autumnal colors. Partner with local businesses in the area to create buzz. Also, be sure to advertise across your social media platforms. This will help to attract some online foot traffic too.

Set up displays in your shop:

Set up displays in your shop to show customers examples of what you can create for their holiday tables and parties. Show different types of centerpieces and arrangements. These examples will entice customers for sure! Also, be sure to include a good variety of flowers with festive colors to attract clientele. Various colors might be orange, yellow, bronze, red, and white. Always attach a business card to anything you create. You could receive new business via referral.

Reach out to past customers:

Reach out to those who have placed orders in the past. You can either e-mail or call them depending how you communicate with customers. Tell them that you really appreciated their business and what you will be offering this season. It’s worth a shot to solicit business, especially if it helps your shop to profit.

Finally, the most important step and top of advice would be to visit your local wholesale florist. They will offer essential information that will help you to source the highest quality wholesale flowers for your shop. Come visit Main Wholesale Florist’s two locations in New Jersey and New York. Flowers can also be delivered directly to your retail location using our Flower Express service. Let us know if you have any other tips to offer to boost sales this turkey season. We hope that you have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving season!